Where Hospitality Meets Mixology


At our boutique hotel, each room is a celebration of iconic cocktails from around the globe. With 16 unique room options that embrace the essence and ambiance of your chosen cocktail, we invite you to immerse in a sensory experience like no other.

In any of our rooms, you will enjoy the following Amenities:

Old Fashioned Suite

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of this whiskey-based classic. Expect rich, warm tones and rustic touches that exude sophistication and refinement.

Deluxe King Suite

390 sqft

The Paloma Suite

Enter a room that captures the essence of relaxation and tranquility. Soft hues, natural elements, and a touch of Mexican charm embody the refreshing grapefruit notes of the Paloma cocktail.

Deluxe King Suite

319 sqft

Margarita Deluxe Room

Step into a vibrant and lively space, reminiscent of the tequila-infused cocktail it takes inspiration from. The Margarita Room is adorned with exotic toned colors and tropical flare!

Deluxe King Suite

279 sqft

Mimosa Room

Discover a room that exudes morning sunshine and happiness, inspired by the famous morning cocktail!

Superior Queen

213 sqft

Manhattan Room

Experience the allure of the cosmopolitan city through this room’s sleek, contemporary design. Inspired by the classic Manhattan cocktail, it boasts modern furnishings, and a touch of urban sophistication.

Superior Queen

182 sqft

Bee’s Knees Room

Let us bring you back to the days of the Roaring 1920’s! When prohibition was at its peak. This room will bring you back in time and have you using the phrase, “It’s the Bee’s Knees!”. Inspired by history, this room will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time.

Superior Queen

246 sqft

Cosmopolitan Room

Immerse yourself in sophistication and elegance! Inspired by the classic Cosmopolitan, this room has charm and elegance! Sleek lines, luxurious fabrics, and glamorous accents create a space that exudes modern opulence.

Superior Queen

204 sqft

Spritz Room

Embrace the vibrant spirit of an Italian summer through this room’s light, airy atmosphere. Inspired by the refreshing Aperol Spritz, it features orange and white tones, natural sunlight, and a relaxed Mediterranean vibe.

Superior Queen

249 sqft

Daiquiri Room

Discover a room that radiates tropical vibes and carefree joy. Inspired by the vibrant flavors of the Daiquiri, it features playful patterns, vibrant colors, and a refreshing ambiance.

Superior Queen

241 sqft

Negroni Suite

Delve into a space that celebrates the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. The Negroni Room captivates with deep, bold hues, refined textures, and an aura of timeless elegance. With a separate sitting room, this is the perfect room to relax and enjoy your cocktail!

Deluxe King Suite

376 sqft

The Mule Suite

Step into a room that embodies both vintage charm and contemporary flair. The Moscow Mule Room blends rustic elements, metallic accents, and a touch of eclectic charm.

Deluxe King Suite

 269 sqft

Mai Tai Room

One of our smaller rooms, this is perfect for a solo traveler or couple, looking for a cozy room inspired by the tropical nature of this rum drink!

Deluxe Queen

199 sqft

Mojito Suite

Experience a refreshing and invigorating ambiance within this room that captures the lively spirit of the Mojito cocktail. Cool mint hues, vibrant accents, and a sense of energy create a vibrant space.

Deluxe King Suite

305 sqft

Piña Colada

Escape to a tropical paradise in this room that embodies the essence of the Piña Colada cocktail. Soft, sandy tones, lush greenery, and island-inspired decor transport you to a blissful oasis.

Deluxe King

290 sqft

Espresso Martini Suite

Inspired by the rich tones of the espresso, this room exudes elegance. One of our largest suites, with a connecting suite for bigger parties, this room has a seating area and plenty of room to relax and enjoy.

Superior King Suite

451 sqft

The Greyhound Suite

Fun and playful like the colors of the Greyhound Martini! One of our largest suites with a connecting suite for bigger parties. This room has a small seating area and plenty of room to relax. High ceilings and pretty pink hues are a dynamic duo in this room!

Superior King Suite

459 sqft

Kindly note that the availability of the mini bar and the operating hours of our Lobby Bar may be subject to specific policies and local regulations. Rest assured, our dedicated staff will be delighted to provide you with all the necessary information to ensure your enjoyment throughout your stay.

Mini bar items are at an additional cost.

Dog Policy and Agreement 

Dog Policy & Procedures

Welcome to our Dog Friendly Hotel. Sorry, no cats, birds, or exotics.

For the health, safety, and enjoyment of all of our guests & staff, the following Dog Policy is in place: 


  1. There is a $30.00 fee, per pet, per night (excluding an ADA compliant Service Dog). We have a two dog limit, and each dog must weigh under 25 lbs. 
  2. At the time you made your Reservation with us, you will need to inform us if you are bringing a dog, as we only have select rooms set aside as Dog Friendly. Bringing a dog into any room that is not deemed «pet friendly» will incur a $150 cleaning fee.
  3. Dogs must be leashed and under direct restraint at all times outside your room and/or on hotel property. They are not permitted into the breakfast room, but they may accompany you on the veranda ! 
  4. We require each dog and/or ADA compliant Service Dog to wear a collar or harness with current tags attached: identification and contact information, current license, and proof of current rabies vaccination
  5. Dogs should not be left unattended in the room at any time, without being in a crate/carrier. If your dog(s) are not confined to a crate and something occurs, such as damage to room, peeing etc. you will incur an additional charge up to $500. Guests will be given an opportunity to eliminate any noise complaints.
  6. In extreme cases only, if a problem with a dog(s) arises and owner can’t be reached or owner is non-compliant, the dog(s) may be removed from the room or hotel property by Hotel staff and/or animal control without liability on the part of the hotel and the guest will assume any/all cost for such removal.
  7. We adhere to the ADA definition of Service Dog. When it is not obvious what service a Service Dog provides, Staff may ask two clarifying questions to determine eligibility 28 CFR 36.302 (c) (6).   
  8. There will be an extra cleaning fee, determined solely by management (starting at $150.00), for a room that…1) is not designated as a dog friendly room but has a dog(s) in it, 2). has had damage done to the room caused by the dog, 3) has damage caused by urine/feces.
  9. Daily Housekeeping is required. Your dog and/or ADA compliant Service Dog must be either in a crate or removed from the room during housekeeping. Guests may not request a “Do Not Disturb” status if they have a dog. We want housekeeping to be convenient for our Guests. Feel free to call over to message us and request a time frame for cleaning. (Housekeeping service is available no later than 2 p.m.)
  10. The Guest is liable for the health, safety, and welfare of their dog(s) at all times.
  11. The Guest agrees and authorizes The Peninsula Bed & Cocktails, to assess charges to the credit card on file at registration for any and all damages discovered prior to or after departure, including, but not limited to: pet odor and stains, repair or replacement of hotel property, excessive and/or exceptional cleaning or extermination charges, and loss of hotel revenue caused by the dog.
  12. Dogs must be clean, fully house-trained, parasite free and disease free (i.e. ticks, fleas, Parvo, etc.)
  13. Dogs are expected to be quiet, well behaved, and non-destructive.
  14. Dogs are not allowed in rooms other than that which they are registered.
  15. You’re required to clean up after your pet on hotel property. 
  16. Dogs are not allowed on any furniture/bedding in rooms. 
  17. Dogs cannot be bathed in the bathtubs/showers/sinks of the Inn. 
  18. Peninsula Bed & Cocktails and all its representatives are not responsible for dogs that may exit guest rooms or hotel exit doors, including but not limited to any escape as a result of guest/staff entry or exit of the premises or access to the guest room.
  19. We reserve the right to require room changes, removal of dog(s) from the premises, refuse or discontinue service without refund if in the hotel’s sole discretion, the dog is considered dangerous, unhealthy, or likely to frighten, harm, disrupt hotel guests, has damaged hotel property, or for failure to abide by these policies.