Did you know Gulfport, Florida has a dog mayor

And did you know you can meet her?

Coco loves to get pets and give love. Her hobbies are finding all the best dog-friendly places in Gulfport and guarding the lobby of the Historic Peninsula Inn. Although by «guarding» we mean she likes to wag her tail when people come to stay at the historic Gulfport landmark. 

This rescue pup found a better life, and she raised several thousand dollars for local charities just by being the sweetest dog in Gulfport.

Do you want to meet Coco? Of course you do. How many times in your life do you get to meet a dog mayor?

You can meet her at the grand re-opening of the Gulfport Tuesday Fresh Market, Gulfport Art Walk, and Gulfport’s IndieFaire on Third Saturdays on September 29, 2020, at the Visit Gulfport Welcome Center (3101 Beach Blvd. S., Ste. 1, Gulfport, Florida, 33707 for everyone visiting Gulfport from afar.) She’s helping with the grand re-opening of Gulfport, and that starts at 8:30 a.m., so don’t be late.

You can even bring your own dog to meet Coco, and then bring your pooch to the outdoor patio at Gulfport’s best breakfast restaurant, Stella’s, because Stella’s — like most of Gulfport — is dog-friendly. After breakfast, make time to stroll the dog-friendly Gulfport Tuesday Fresh Market, then have lunch at one our dog-friendly  waterfront restaurants, like The Tiki on Shore Boulevard (Coco says she really doesn’t eat people food anymore, but she does love the burgers at The Tiki on Shore.)

Why not make a two-day trip out of your Gulfport visit? We have plenty of dog-friendly places to shop (like Paw Paws on Beach Boulevard) and a dog park near the Historic Peninsula Inn, which is where you want to stay in Gulfport if you’re traveling with your dog. We’re a dog-friendly hotel, and that includes the patio of our dog-friendly restaurant, Isabelle’s. 

Want more information about the grand re-opening of the Gulfport Tuesday Fresh Market, Gulfport’s First Friday Art Walk, IndieFaire on Third Saturday? You can find it all here. 

(Photo of Gulfport Dog Mayor Coco by Thomas O’Connor.)

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